A Woman Bares It All: How to Have the Confidence to Chase Your Dreams

A Woman Bares It All: How to Have the Confidence to Chase Your Dreams

“[The Philippines] was the best country for me to move to, because when you live long enough in a place, you become like that,” said Pinar Schröck, a 34-year-old Turkish woman born and raised in Germany. Pinar noticed how naturally happy Filipinos always seem to be. This really made an impression on her. When she first moved to Manila, she remembered having the aura of a more “serious” person. But after getting used to how Filipinos were, she realized: “I don't want to stress about always being strict about time and rules. I felt better there.”


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Pinar had to go back to her hometown in Germany amidst the uncertainties of the pandemic.“I miss the Philippines,” she said to us, in true quarantine fashion, over a voice message interview.


She first moved to the country five years ago when her husband, a German-Filipino football player, began a career in Manila. She has two sons, is a master hairstylist and makeup artist, and runs a homegrown brand called Wrapinar. @Wrapinar, on Instagram, a fun play on her name, is a reusable food wrap made from beeswax and organic oils which she makes and sells on her own. Her passion for the environment and living mindfully drove her to pursue this business from home.




We consider Pinar as an epitome of a Barebone Woman. She exudes confidence, courage, and openness. But what we love most about Pinar is her firm belief in the power of her dreams. Wherever life brought her, her passions always followed and thrived.



So what makes a Barebone Woman?


Taking the Time to Experience and Celebrate Your Passions

As a mom of two boys, 8 and 3, Pinar prioritizes time with her kids. But when she takes some time off, she chooses to take this time to do what she loves: create with her hands. “I enjoy the time for myself by being creative and being in the kitchen for hours,” says Pinar, referring to Wrapinar. “It makes me feel that I'm also doing something else besides being a mom and a wife. It makes me calm down. It really gives me joy.”


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A Barebone Woman like Pinar doesn’t push her passions aside but allows herself the joy she derives from it. Especially in a time of uncertainty, we could all use a similar attitude in expressing self-love. In order to be our best, we also have to feel our best.


Taking Chances and Learning From Them

Moving to the Philippines was a big leap of faith for Pinar, who has lived her whole life in Germany. When she finally found the courage to start a life in Manila, she realized that she’d made a great decision. “It made me really grow and strong without any added help... I made it there, and that makes me really proud of myself,” she said of the experience.


She brings the same kind of courage when she enters a new venture. Whether it be hairdressing, styling, or business, she just goes ahead gives it her best shot. “In life, we sometimes have to be brave enough to go ahead and just learn by doing. Just do it. It's really not easy, but I love new challenges,” said Pinar.


Taking Inspiration and Giving Appreciation to the People You Love 

Pinar takes a lot of inspiration from the people she loves. She and her family travel a lot and enjoy meeting different kinds of people, even one-time strangers. One thing she and her husband have in common is the way they like to make people laugh.


Pinar also doesn’t fail to mention her husband and friends when asked what inspires her. She admires her husband for his passion for his career, his businesses, and his big dreams.


Confidence in Yourself and Support for Those Around You

She first encountered Barebone when she noticed that her friend Carla, Barebone’s Founder and CEO, would wear clothes that made her boobs look amazing. “Of course I'm close to her that's why I can ask her this question,” Pinar laughs, “I had to ask her what type of bra she wears because you can't see any lines.” Carla then introduced her to Barebone’s Nipple Covers, and with Pinar’s support, the business has now become full-blown.


This confidence she had on the product helped Barebone become what it is, and she applies the same kind of confidence in herself. With this, she says that the Barebone Nipple Covers help her a lot: “I like to show my chest, sexy outfits, and if I didn't have this product I wouldn't feel comfortable. You can just feel free to wear what you like without worry....You wear it and you just feel good.”


Feeling good is an important aspect of doing your best. And that’s why Pinar encourages more women to try out more things that help with their confidence. It’s always smart to invest in ourselves, especially when it comes to our comfort. "As women, we need to have a lot of confidence because we are amazing!” Pinar exclaims.


Having a Youthful Spirit, No Matter Your Age

As we grow older, we sometimes have the notion that we have to become less of ourselves in order to succeed. But at Barebone, we actually believe otherwise: there’s definitely something to be admired about having a youthful spirit. Remember what it’s like to dance like no one’s watching? What it’s like to have fun? Remember what it’s like to dream big, and have the passion to chase after it? Hold on to that!


Pinar loves rap music. She loves adventures, having fun with the company of her friends, and feeling young and free to chase after her dreams. “I don't have to give up on things just because I'm older or I have to fit in. I don't have to fit in anywhere. I have to feel happy, genuinely” Pinar says.


Believing in Your Big, BIG Dreams

There’s nothing that says Barebone Woman more than a strong faith in your big dreams. We love women who chase after their dreams despite the challenges that come our way. We think it’s extremely sexy and powerful!


There’s a lot of power in the confidence we have within ourselves. Sometimes, life throws us lemons, and the best way to approach it is by trusting that we can make great lemonade.


For Pinar, she had to leave a country she has grown to love when the world decided to take a pause. But she didn’t let this stop her from soldiering on. “I'm a big, big, dreamer. I believe in the law of attraction and that dreams can come true. Any dream. There is no big dream you can't achieve,” she says with confidence, “There's still more to come.”


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 Written by Sarah Buendia