Going braless for the first time: Tips and tricks for a comfortable experience

Going braless for the first time: Tips and tricks for a comfortable experience

Going braless can be liberating, but it can also feel kind of unnatural. Whether you’re trying to change up your style or your bra feels uncomfortable and needs replacing, the process of going without a bra can seem daunting at first. However, when done right, going braless will make you feel both comfortable and confident in your own skin. Here are some tips on how to go braless for the first time, whether you’re choosing to skip the bra or doing so out of necessity because your bra doesn’t fit correctly anymore.


Advice on wearing Barebone Pasties for the first time

If you are already making the switch to pasties, fitted shirts are a great way to ease into the experience. Here are a few tips to make sure you're comfortable and confident:
- Choose the right shirt. A fitted, soft top will be more forgiving than a flowy tee.
- Find the right size of pasties. If your pasties are too small or too big or unmatched to your breast shape, you may feel like you're constantly adjusting them. If it's not right, you'll be uncomfortable all day.


Working with the girls

It can be a little intimidating at first- but don't worry, we're here to help! Here are a few tips and tricks to make your experience as comfortable as possible. Firstly, try out different pasties to know what works best for you. Secondly, buy a shade close to your skin tone to make your breasts appear covered up. Thirdly, pick an outfit with thicker fabrics that will keep everything in place. For those who worry about their nipples peeking through their clothing, What I would recommend is that you wear our opaque pasties to provide extra coverage.


Try going braless at home

1. If you’re not ready to commit to going braless with Barebone pasties full-time, start by trying it at home first. This way you can get used to the sensation without worrying about being in public.
2. If you want to go braless in public but are worried about the pasties falling, try to wear well-fitting clothes: This will help minimize any potential discomfort and also help you feel more confident to make your transition to being braless as smooth as possible. Because being new to going braless, it can be a bit worrisome to think about leaving the house without your trusty bra to support you. But there are lots of options that can be discretely worn with our pasties. Ultimately, remember that you have options and there is no 'right' way to go braless!