How Barebone Was Born

How Barebone Was Born

"I never thought in a million years that being braless would have such an impact on my life. I mean, I started wearing bras since I was 12, the first time I tried it, it felt like there was something tight and restricting pulling at my back and between my breasts. I hated it! But I have no choice, my body is changing. I had to embrace wearing bra daily because I'm not too fond of the feeling, but I don't particularly appreciate feeling exposed." Says Barebone CEO



Carla Regin, CEO, and Founder of Barebone


"I created Barebone as a brand that celebrates freedom and confidence."

What started as an idea to help women embrace their bodies without the constraints of bras has become something much bigger than I ever thought possible. Barebone was born out of my struggle with finding the right bra and the desire to feel free of constraints, be comfortable, and be confident at all times, no matter what clothes I wear. I wanted my products to make other women feel more confident and free in their own skin. 

"Braless is a lifestyle choice."

I believe that in 20 years, women will embrace the braless lifestyle more than traditional wired bras. When someone sees me braless, I always get the question if I'm wearing anything underneath. I think women should have more options in these times at our willingness to cover up for society without being stared at and feeling naked.


What can Barebone women expect?

In my line of work, freedom is everything. I have always liked designing and making things. I look forward to creating more products that empower and bring out a woman's confidence.