What are the benefits of going Braless?

Better circulation - bras can impede blood flow to back and chest muscles, contributing to sore back muscles.

Increase comfort - Dr. Lucky Sekhon, a New York based Obstetrician, says that women who are used to wearing a bra may initially feel conscious and exposed when they go braless. But as women go braless more often, they feel more comfortable and free.

Better breast skin health - women who wear bras often experience boob sweat, clogged pores, skin irritation, and body odor. Dome women even developed acne mechanica caused by bra straps.

Improved shape - Dr. Sekhon that women with breasts of all sizes can benefit from bralessness. "Women with larger breasts may initially feel more uncomfortable than those with smaller breasts as their muscles may initially be weak and not feel strong enough to provide adequate support", she says. "Over time, though, their bodies will adjust and naturally start to support the breast tissue appropriately, without the aid of a bra." She states that there is evidence "that wearing a bra can make the muscles and ligaments that support the breasts lazy overtime, leading to breast sagging and laxity." She says the belief that going braless for an extended period of time makes your breast sag is a common misconception. "Women who have gone long periods without wearing a bra often report that this leads their breasts to being firmer, rounder, and perkier over time", she says. Women with larger or fuller breasts may feel more back strain when not wearing a bra, though. "It can take weeks to months to build up the strength in their chest and back muscles for the breast to become well supported without a bra.




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Let's face it: Bras can be uncomfortable and restricting. Whatever cup size you wear, normal bras can feel uneasy and awkward especially when worn all throughout the day. While bras provide support for your bossom, they can be difficult to wear with your daily 'fits: underwires poking you, cups seen under your shirt, and oh, straps be damned!

This is where Barebone comes in. Its founder, Carla Regin, hopes to solve all your woes against traditional bras with their nipple covers. Below, we talk to Carla as she tells us more about the brand and how their nipple covers can make dressing up extra easy.

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If you have dark areolas or protruding nipples, Barebone's nipple covers will be your new BFF. They come in solid colors and are 0.005 mm thicker than their semi-transparent variant to ensure more coverage and protection. They are available in three shades (cream, beige, and umber) and two sizes (eight and 10 cm).

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Barebone has a wide range of reusable nipple covers for all breast sizes. This brand created the Moonshape, an innovative nipple cover that's designed for women with smaller cup sizes. It can also be conveniently worn under clothes that reveal more skin. They also have seamless nipple covers for women with average or bigger bra sizes in shades that match Filipina skin tones. Their products are waterproof and can stick to the skin for a longer period of time. They also offer pouches and shapers for the nipple covers so they can last longer.

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Barebone offers nipple covers in different shapes and colors, depending on the kind of top you're wearing and the skin tone you have. They even have a Filipina Shades line made specifically to matchmorenacomplexions. Their various cover options all come with handy pouches, so you can easily pack them in your bag for travel.