Moonshape Filipina Skin Pasties

₱365.82 PHP

This is sold in one pair without a pouch and plastic dome.


Moonshape Filipina Skin are ultra-opaque pasties made for Filipinas with a softer silicone and improved adhesive for better skin-stickingWith these pasties, your areolas will become practically invisiblegiving you an all-day blur that's perfect for wearing whites even in daylight. The available shades have been designed to work well with your skin undertone and not necessarily your skin tone. This product is designed with gym and beach babes in mind, making it an ideal choice for low-cut necklines, swimwear, and tight clothing. Plus, it has a minimum of 120 usesalthough the acidity of your sweat will determine its long-term effectsWith tight clothing, you'll be able to enjoy this sweat and waterproof product every day.




  • Super Opaque -  conceals the visibility of your areolas.
  • Gentle to Skin - made with the highest medical grade materials.
  • Reusable - up to 120 times or more depending on the user.
  • Washable - easy to wash.
  • Self Adhesive - made with medical-grade adhesive. 
  • Eco-Friendly Silicone -  made with medical-grade / biocompatible silicones that won't harm the environment.
  • Waterproof - water resilient.


DisclaimerProduct shades may differ depending on the photographic lighting sources and your monitor's settings.

Caution: It's possible for anyone to experience sensitivity even when using the highest quality medical materials. If you are sensitive to adhesive, you may suffer from rashes or irritations. Women with adhesive sensitivity, open cuts, skin disorders, or a family history of skin depigmentation should NOT use this product. Should any rash or irritation occur, please discontinue use immediately.

Limits Liability: We are not liable for any incidental, coincidental, or consequential damages resulting from our product use.

Policy: Strictly no return, no exchange policy. Once an order is placed, it cannot be cancelled.


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