We believe in rewarding our devoted customers, and that's why we've launched our exciting new loyalty program. Now, every time you shop with BAREBONE, you'll earn credits that bring you closer to exclusive perks and discounts. The best thing about this your credits don't expire!

Here's how it works: For every single peso you spend with us, you'll receive 1 credit. That's right, spend more and earn more! It's our way of saying 'thank you' for being a loyal customer. But the rewards don't stop there! You can redeem your accumulated credits for discounts on future purchases, exclusive products, or special promotional items. It's like your personal savings account for all things BAREBONE!

Accumulate credits with each purchase - the more you indulge, the greater the rewards.

  • With a mere 500 credits, a $0.40 coupon or a ₱25 off coupon is yours to claim.

  • Venture further to 1,000 credits and a $0.50 coupon or a ₱30 coupon awaits your pleasure.

  • Reach the summit of 2,000 credits, and a coveted 10% off coupon is all yours.

So, why wait? Start earning credits today and make your BAREBONE shopping experience even more rewarding. Because at BAREBONE, every peso counts towards something beautiful.