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About the Nipple Cover


How do I know what size of the nipple cover is right for me?

Both of our available sizes (8cm and 10cm) fit cups A-D.


Consider your wardrobe and boob form to pick the size that's perfect for you.


According to your outfit:

·        For more revealing and sexy outfits with a low neckline, 8cm is a perfect match.

·        For tops with a higher neckline and for more coverage, 10cm is the right size.


According to your boob shape:

·        For women with cup A-B with sagging problems, 8cm is a better match because the 10cm nipple cover’s edges might wrinkle and cause a slight discomfort.

·        Women with a round and fuller boob shape will have no issues with this.

·        For flat-chested women, it‘s a little bit tricky but both sizes can work. We suggest getting both 8cm and 10cm nipple covers to see which one works best for your boob shape.


Note: Breast shape is unique for every individual. We have a few videos on our IGTV account that could help you choose the right size and shade. We are not liable for issues related to wrong choice of size and shade made by the customer.


Below is a rough guide on what you might expect from the 8cm and 10cm nipple cover sizes:


How do I choose what shade of nipple cover is right for me?

Go for the shade that best matches your skin tone.

To check the shades available on the Barebone Store please see our full catalogue




How to use?

Make sure your breasts are dry and clean. Do not use or apply lotion, oil or any type of moisturizer on your skin because this will prevent the nipple covers from sticking. Press on firmly and hold on for a few seconds to keep it in place. Release any air underneath.



How many times can I reuse my nipple cover?

The minimum use of each nipple cover is 120 times, and it’s safe for daily use. Do note that the longevity depends on the user and factors that may affect the stickiness of the adhesive. We suggest that you follow our care instructions for it to last longer.


How do I know when to change/retire my nipple cover?

You‘ll need to replace your nipple cover once the adhesive turns dark brown and refuses to stick.


How do I make the adhesive of my nipple cover sticky again?

It helps to wear it with clothes that are tight. We also recommend not to wash them too often. But if the adhesive no longer functions, it is a replacement signal. Also, we prohibit using products on your skin that can affect the durability of your nipple cover adhesives (Moisturizers, Oil and usage of other brands than Johnson’s head-to-toe (yellow) bodywash) before wearing the product.


How do I properly store my nipple cover?

Using a small amount of Johnson & Johnson's Top-to-Toe Baby Wash is the perfect way to store your Nipple Cover. We recommend that you only wash them when dirty or when you sweat when using them. Wiggle the nipple cover after a gentle wash until it's a little dry, then continue to air dry. Use plastic film to cover the adhesive side of the nipple cover and use the plastic tray to separate them and protect them from dust.

Note: Do not use lotion, moisturizer, or body wash that contains oils, glycerine, or milk to avoid affecting the stickiness of the adhesive of the nipple cover.


Should I apply any skin care product before wearing my nipple cover?

No, the area must be clean and without any traces of any substance or chemical.


How long can I wear my nipple cover without feeling any discomfort?

Discomfort may be encountered if the user has Adhesive or Silicone Sensitivity. If it happens, we suggest prohibiting the usage of the nipple covers and consult with your Doctors or dermatologists.  However, if not, the nipple cover can be worn all day long.


Can my nipple covers be machine-washed?

We do not recommend it since there are risks that can affect the product. However, some customers have mentioned doing it  but without any use of soap.


Are nipple covers eco-friendly?

Yes. They are manufactured with non-toxic silicone that does not leak chemicals and can easily break down without harming the environment into tiny particles over time.


Can I wear my nipple covers in my swimsuits/ underwater?

Yes. However, we suggest the user to not apply products on their skin before putting the product on. This may cause the nipple cover to slip.

We have a few videos on our Instagram story highlights (Products) that shows a Water proof test on the product.



Health concerns



Sensitive Skins

Anyone can be sensitive to even the best medical materials. If you have adhesive sensitivity, you may develop irritations or rashes. DO NOT USE this product if you have adhesive sensitivity, open cuts, skin disorders, or a family history of skin depigmentation. Please discontinue if you develop any irritation or rashes. We suggest that you consult with your Doctors or dermatologists.

Limits Liability: We are not liable for any incidental or coincidental or consequential damages resulting from our products' use.



Will my boobs sag if I use nipple covers instead of bras?

No. In fact, there are a number of studies that show how going bra-less improves breast shape, among many other benefits (Fact: bras can be expensive!)


According to the Well+Good website, while it might be harder for women with larger breasts to adjust to a bra-less lifestyle, it might be better for them in the long run. Once the body naturally gets used to the weight without added support, it will build a more appropriate support without the help of a bra. Overtime, a lot of women report a perkier and rounder breast shape.


Can I use nipple covers while breastfeeding?

When breastfeeding, make sure to clean your nipples properly to remove any adhesive particles before breastfeeding your child. But if using any kind of nipple cover affects the natural flow of your breastmilk. We recommend that you stop the use of any brand or type of nipple covers.


The needs and protection of your baby should always come first.


Can I replace my bras with nipple covers?

Yes. It's all about loving the warmth of your own breast form to go braless. There are a number of studies which demonstrate the many advantages of a bra-less lifestyle.


About Products


Do you sell nipple cover adhesive?

Unfortunately, we are not selling Nipple Cover Adhesives.


When wearing the Period Undies, do I still need to wear pads?

Investing in a pair of period undies could save your sanity (and your sheets). These super-absorbent and leak-resistant underwear have multiple layers to help protect against leaks matter how heavy your flow.

You can use it alone but you can also use it with other menstrual products depending on your menstrual flow.



FAQs about Shipping/Payment:


Where is the item shipped from?

Our items are shipped from Metro Manila.


How many days will the delivery take?

It usually takes 1-4 days withinn Metro Manila and for for orders outside Metro Manila, it takes 3-7 business days. But due to the current pandemic, please expect some delays.

For regular International shipping, it takes minimum of 14 business days sometimes up to 30 business days depending on the country destination. And for worldwide express, it takes 5 to 7 business days. 


How much is the shipping fee?

Regular Shipping Varies depending on the Delivery address, Number of items and the courier that the customer chooses upon Checking out. The customer can see it before they check out your items on our website.



What are your available payment options?

You can settle your payments through Creditcard via Paypal or Paypal account. Debit or Credit via Paymongo and Gcash via Paymongo.

You can also pay via bank deposit, online Fund Transfer (bank to bank online transfer).

We also accept payments from Gcash.


Do you accept COD?

We currently do not accept COD.


Can I cancel my order?

Unfortunately, We don’t cancel orders. However, Orders that are left unpaid are cancelled automatically.


Do you accept refunds?

We do not accept refunds.  The item is considered to be sold after it has been purchased.

Do you have a physical store?

As of the moment, Barebone is only Based online. (We will get there one day!)