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About the Nipple Cover

How do I know what size of the nipple cover is right for me?

Both of our available sizes (8cm and 10cm) fit cups A-D.


To choose the size that’s right for you, consider your outfit and boob shape.

 According to your outfit:

  • For more revealing and sexy outfits with a low neckline, 8cm is a perfect match.
  • For tops with a higher neckline and for more coverage, 10cm is the right size.


According to your boob shape:

  • For women with cup A-B with sagging problems, 8cm is a better match because the 10cm nipple cover’s edges might wrinkle and cause a slight discomfort.
  • Women with a round and fuller boob shape will have no issues with this.
  • For flat-chested women, it‘s a little bit tricky but both sizes can work. We suggest getting both 8cm and 10cm nipple covers to see which one works best for your boob shape.


Note: Breast shape is unique for every individual. We have a few videos on our IGTV account that could help you choose the right size and shade. We are not liable for issues related to wrong choice of size and shade made by the customer.


Below is a rough guide on what you might expect from the 8cm and 10cm nipple cover sizes:


How do I choose what shade of nipple cover is right for me?

If you want to wear semi-transparent clothing, go for the shade that best matches your skin tone.


If you plan to wear solid color clothing, you can go for the shade that matches your skin tone but you can also opt for darker shades depending on how dark your areolas are.


Below is a quick guide to the shades available on the Barebone Store:









How many times can I reuse my nipple cover?

The minimum use of each nipple cover is 120 times, and it’s safe for daily use. Do note that the longevity depends on the user and factors that may affect the stickiness of the adhesive. We suggest that you follow our care instructions for it to last longer.


How do I know when to change/retire my nipple cover?

You‘ll need to replace your nipple cover once the adhesive turns dark brown and refuses to stick.


How do I properly store my nipple cover?

The best way to store your Nipple Cover is to use a small amount of Johnson & Johnson's Top-to-Toe Baby Wash. We suggest washing them only when dirty or when you sweat while using them. After a gentle wash, wiggle the nipple cover until it‘s a bit dry, then proceed to air dry. Use plastic film to cover the adhesive side of the nipple cover and use the plastic tray to separate them and protect them from dust.


Note: Do not use lotion, moisturizer, or body wash that contains oils, glycerine, or milk to avoid affecting the stickiness of the adhesive of the nipple cover.


Should I apply any skin care product before wearing my nipple cover?

No, the area must be clean and without any product or chemical residue.


How long can I wear my nipple cover without feeling any discomfort? 

If you don’t have adhesive sensitivity, the nipple cover can be worn all day long.


Will my boobs sag if I use nipple covers instead of bras?

No. In fact, there are a number of studies that show how going bra-less improves breast shape, among many other benefits (Fact: bras can be expensive!)


According to the Well+Good website, while it might be harder for women with larger breasts to adjust to a bra-less lifestyle, it might be better for them in the long run. Once the body naturally gets used to the weight without added support, it will build a more appropriate support without the help of a bra. Overtime, a lot of women report a perkier and rounder breast shape.


Can I use nipple covers while breastfeeding?

We don’t suggest the use of any type of nipple cover when breastfeeding because it could affect your breastmilk‘s natural flow. Your baby‘s needs and safety should always come first.


Can I replace my bras with nipple covers? Does it offer the same kind of support?

Yes. Going braless is all about embracing the comfort of your natural breast shape. There are a number of studies that prove the many benefits of a bra-less lifestyle. 


How do I make the adhesive of my nipple cover sticky again?

It helps to wear it with tight clothing. We also recommend not washing them too often. But once the adhesive no longer works, it‘s signal for a replacement.


Do you sell nipple cover adhesive?

No, sorry babe, we don’t.


Can my nipple covers be machine-washed?

We don’t suggest it, but some customers have reported doing it without any soap.


Are nipple covers eco-friendly?

Yes. They are made with non-toxic silicone that doesn’t leak chemicals and can easily break down into small particles overtime without harming the environment.


FAQs about Shipping/Payment:


Where is the item shipped from?

Our items are shipped from Metro Manila.


How many days will the delivery take?

It usually takes 1-3 days. But due to the current pandemic, please expect some delays.


How much is the shipping fee?

The shipping fee is shown upon checkout.


What are your available payment options?

If you have a credit card or a Paypal account, you can settle your payments via Paypal Checkout. You may also paay via bank deposit , online funds transfer (bank to bank online transfer).


Why aren’t GCash or COD available as payment options?

We understand that Gcash is a very convenient payment channel for us and our customers. However, we've encountered a number of problems when transacting through Gcash that caused a lot of issues for us and our customers. In order to avoid similar issues moving forward, we decided to refrain from using GCash at the moment.


Why Gcash is non refundable?

We say it's non refundable because we cannot refund you your money if it didn't successfully reach our bank account. However, it’s possible that you may ask GCash for a refund and we’d be happy to provide you some assistance.


Can I cancel my order?

No. Orders that are left unpaid are automatically cancelled.


Is there a way to check the status of my delivery?

Yes. Please note that our cut-off is every Tuesday we ship every Thursday. Tracking numbers are sent every Saturday. To track your shipment, you can visit and use the tracking number sent to you.



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