Sizing, Color, FAQs

How to choose the color?
Choose the shade that matches or closest to your skin tone. But if you have a dark areola, please choose a darker color than your skin tone.
Cream: Light Skin Tone     Beige: Medium Skin Tone   Umber: Dark Skin Tone
How to choose the right size?
Both 8cm and 10cm fit cups A-D. But you should choose depending on your clothing.
  • Choose 8cm if you wear tank tops, deep neckline, tube tops, sleeveless, or anything that shows a little of cleavage.
  • Choose 10cm if you wear mostly T-shirt, halter, high neck top or jewel neckline. Basically for more covered outfits.
How to use boob tape?
Boob tape is an instant boob job. A fashion hack when you want to wear a deep plunge or backless dress, but going braless isn’t an option for you. You need the support of a bra. The only solution that will give you amazing cleavage and last for hours and hours.
You can use boob tape if you’re on the itty bitty community, but most amazingly, boob tape will work if you have bigger breasts or need support.
Frequently Asked:
How many times can you use the nipple cover?
- Minimum of 120 times, can be used daily. It can last longer depending on the user.
What soap can I use to wash my nipple cover and how?
- We recommend using a super mild baby soap preferably Johnsons Top-to-Toe baby wash. Kindly use a small amount of it and gently remove the dirt on the nipple cover. Then wiggle it until it's a bit dry. You can either use the plastic tray or film to cover the adhesive part. Note: we suggest you only wash them when it's dirty or when you sweat while wearing them.
Can I wear to the beach or swimming pool?
-Yes. It's water proof but it might affect the longevity of the adhesive.
If I sweat, will the nipple covers come off?
- No, they are sweat proof. We suggest you visit our instagram page and check our review highlight story.
Can I use nipple covers while I'm breastfeeding?
- We wont suggest it because it might affect the natural flow of your milk. Babies need and safety come first.