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We're sorry to hear you've had a tough time finding the right match for your breasts. We understand the disappointment when a product doesn't work as expected, and we're here to shed some light on why that might be.

Even with the strongest adhesive, pasties might not stick properly or could even fall off if they don't align well with your unique breast shape. You might notice wrinkling edges and reduced lift ā€” it's a sign that the pasties aren't fitting you as they should. This can be particularly true if the pasties are too large or if you have certain breast shapes like ptosis, swooping, snoopy, constricted, or pectus carinatum.

But don't worry! Every woman is unique and we know that while some find their 'breastfriend' easily, for others, the journey might take a little longer. But we're committed to you and to that journey. We promise to keep crafting pasties that cater to all breast shapes, because your comfort and confidence are our priority.

At BAREBONE, we celebrate your individuality and embrace diversity. We're dedicated to helping you find that perfect fit that works beautifully just for you. Remember, we're in this journey together because every body deserves the best!