About Us

In a society where the body choices of individuals are so often harshly scrutinized and criticized, BAREBONE has chosen to take an unprecedented stance - revolutionizing the way undergarments are perceived, in an effort to promote true body positivity and unconditional love for oneself. Regardless of shape, size or body type, we strive to create garments that can empower any woman, reflecting her unique sense of confidence and style.

BAREBONE exists to help women of all kinds to embrace and feel liberated by the garments they choose to wear, be it a bra or no bra at all. With items such as pasties for low-cut tops and dresses, and period undies for extra security and freedom, we encourage our customers to put their bodies first. We aim to break down the negative stigma associated with bralessness, while recognizing that everyone should be respected and embraced in their own unique form.

At BAREBONE, our founder, Carla Regin, a Filipina mother and entrepreneur, aspired to provide Filipinas and women across the globe with the choice to embrace a braless lifestyle while maintaining their comfort and confidence. Established in Thailand in 2019, this revolutionary idea has become the foundation of our brand's identity, propelling its growth and earning widespread acclaim along the way.

We remain deeply dedicated to our mission, using only the highest quality materials and patented designs to ensure that all our products are both fashionable and functional. We are also committed to inclusivity, offering shades for a variety of skin tones and catering to diverse body types.

Our goal at BAREBONE is to ensure that all women have the freedom to choose what they wear without any hesitation. As we continue to expand, we will remain steadfast in our mission to provide practical and empowering solutions that can help women feel confident and secure in their own skin.

We thank you for trusting BAREBONE, and look forward to helping you achieve this.