Say hello to the innovator behind BAREBONE - Carla Regin - Ingreso,  our extraordinary Filipina mompreneur who turned her wild ideas into tangible reality. Hailing from the Philippines with a savvy background in Interior Design, she's brought a brand to life right in the heart of Thailand, and it's already catching fire around the globe.


Her creative genius has whipped up customer favorites like the Moonshape, Boobie Trap, and Snatched Up. These hit products reflect her unique style and design flair, which she amplified after hitting the books at 30 to study graphic design. Every BAREBONE product carries a piece of her heart, showcasing her knack for design.

But she’s not all about the aesthetics. To sharpen her business edge, she dove into a Harvard business course, giving her the tools to run a successful brand. This cool mix of creative vibes and business smarts is what's propelling BAREBONE into new territories of success.

Our founder isn’t just making products; she's crafting experiences. Her total commitment to innovation and quality has turned BAREBONE from a dream into a brand that’s adored worldwide. She's not just at the helm; she's the soul of BAREBONE. She has been featured in the prestigious Preview Magazine and Tatler Asia! Her innovative vision and dedication to empowering women through our products have caught the attention of these renowned publications.

We're stoked to have such an inspiring powerhouse leading us, steering the brand with passion and a whole lot of gusto. With her at the wheel, we can't wait to see where the journey takes us as we continue to deliver products that our customers can’t get enough of. Welcome to BAREBONE - where wild ideas meet awesome design, and where passion takes the front seat.