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We have two (2) cutoffs

- Monday ( 12 am cut off ) 👉🏻 Wednesday Shipping

Wednesday (12 nn cut off ) 👉🏻 Friday Shipping

Please do not confuse shipping day with delivery day 💖✨

what's so special about our products?

Our nipple covers are originally designed by us and are all patented. We only use world-class quality materials.

The rest of our products are of the highest quality.

Joreen Grace G.

I loved this! I've tried a lot of nipple covers before, but these have worked best. It's truly seamless and adhesive enough...

Rachel Marie F.

It took a while for me to write my review... I'm just happy that barebone really exceeds to your expectations. There are times that I perspires a LOT specially when it's hot. So i was really conscious the first time it happened when I'm wearing my barebone...it made me paranoid that what if it falls out and I'm in public...but you know what...IT NEVER HAPPENED! Barebone delivers what they said it would do. It still stick and all I need was to wash it with the recommended J&J and followed the care instructions and it's like new again. I'm really happy I made this purchase. Best cover eveeeeer!!!

Christine P.

I like how opaque they are! I always get conscious going braless coz my areola’s kinda dark and protruding. So when I got my package my initial thought was to test it out on my white tank top. Loving the results so far! My mom also got curious and ask for a pair for herself! Can’t wait to have her try it out too!

Patricia Julia S.

I super love it!!!!❤️ The top I’m wearing in the pic is loose and silklike, I’m surprised you can’t see the edges of the cover! Also, I love Barebone’s friendly and super nice service. I ordered on a Thursday and it arrived the next day! I thought it will arrive the next week because of the cut off sched that’s why I asked them to change the shipping address to our new place. So I’m really surprised it arrived super early, I had to ask the deliveryman to deliver it another day since we haven’t moved yet.😂 I will be buying again soon!!! So excited!🥰 Thank you so much!

Rita R.

I've been a fan of this brand since they launched it back 2019. It has never failed me and really kept the ladies in place and my confidence has definitely been boosted since i never had to worry about them falling off or irritating my skin. A definite staple in my wardrobe.


Our brand is more than just a logo. It represents a lot of women - their dreams and their goals as a woman. Barebone isn't just about making an income, but our main goal is to make a positive impact. It's not just about our products but it's about how our products make women feel empowered and confident.



The highlight of our distribution of free masks was seeing this woman sacrificing for our country.


We helped 300 families, victims of typhoon Ulysses living in areas that LGU's cant reach in Marikina City.


We thank our LGBT representatives for helping us in this beautiful cause.