Sizing Chart

 Product Cup Size Compatibility  Considerations
6cm All cup sizes

Areola size should be considered if larger or darker.

8cm All cup sizes

It's vital to factor in your breast shape and the presence of ptosis, which refers to the natural downward descent of breasts. These pasties are ideal for individuals with minimal to mild ptosis, providing effective coverage and support. For those with breast ptosis, positioning the pasties off-center from the nipples is advised. However, individuals with tubular breasts and cup size A may find these pasties less suitable.

10cm Most cup sizes

Considerations should be given to breast shape and ptosis, a term describing the natural downward descent or drooping of breasts over time due to factors like aging, weight fluctuations, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and genetics. These pasties are particularly suitable for tubular breasts and those with mild to extreme ptosis. For breast ptosis, it's advisable to position the pasties off-center from the nipples for optimal coverage and support. However, individuals with smaller cup sizes, such as A and AA, may find that the fullness of the breast is essential for the pasties to adhere effectively.

Moonshape All cup sizes

Can be styled in multiple ways; Take breast shape into consideration; Suitable for most tubular breasts, with compatibility varying based on cup size.

Snatched Up


 Compatible with A to D cup sizes

Take into account breast chest width up to 36 centimeters. However, the desired look and fullness will depend on the natural fullness of your breasts. Smaller breasts, such as those with a 34 A cup size or smaller, may not experience as dramatic an effect.

Boobie Trap


Compatible with 36 A and larger cup sizes

Consider breast shape and ptosis (refers to a natural condition in which the breasts exhibit a downward descent or drooping over time. This occurs due to a variety of factors such as aging, changes in weight, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and genetics); wide breast shapes are most compatible.


Choose size B if you have 34 and above chest size.


It's important to note that its usage can be a trial-and-error experience. While it proves effective for many, individuals with unique breast shapes and moderate to severe breast ptosis may find it more challenging to use. Your results may vary depending on your own breast shape.

If the product doesn't align perfectly with the contours of your chest, there's a chance it may slide up the sides and not adhere as intended, especially in the presence of perspiration. Checking out customer reviews can provide helpful insights from others who have tried the product.